Mostre um formulário de inscrição em seu site para assinantes de feed.


O FeedBurner é um serviço que avisa seus assinantes sobre mudanças em seu site. Cada vez que uma postagem é publicada, o assinante recebe a postagem (ou trecho dela) em seu email, automaticamente.

Para definir enviar a postagem toda ou só trecho, vá em Configurações > Leitura em seu painel e marque a opção que quer para seu feed.

Atenção: você precisa ativar a opção de assinatura para cada feed que quer usar no plugin. Outro erro comum é informar uma URL inteira no item username/nome de usuário (será corrigido em breve).

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Google FeedBurner is a web feed management provider with some interesting resources, one of them: you can use the service for provide a subscription form for your visitors and let them know when you publish new content. Once your visitor subscribed to your site, every time you publish a new content, Google FeedBurner sends an email for all subscribers with the post excerpt or even the whole post.

You can set to send the whole post content ou just the post excerpt in WordPress Settings > Reading.

Please note that you must enable the subscription and the counter within your Google FeedBurner panel.

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37 comentários sobre "Feedburner Form"

  1. Marcelo

    Olá, muito bom este feed, porém não funciona bem quando o site tem SSL, seria interessante se houvesse uma configuração onde a pessoa pudesse escolher se usa ou não o HTTPS.
  2. Joel Stephens (@itsjoelstephens)
    HI there, How do I add some padding around the plugin? The spacing is quite tight:
  3. piskatje
    Hi, 1. I would like to make the emailbox smaller. I have found your code /* ADJUST FEEDBURNER TEXT INPUT settings */ .subscription_email{/* e-mail field */ -webkit-box-shadow:inset 0; box-shadow:inset 0; font:normal 12px arial; padding:5px 3px; text-align:left; width:77% } Where do I have to put this code? In what file? In the style.css of my theme of the plugin? 2. How can I change the putton -Can I make it longer -Can I change the color of the button? Thanks!
  4. bailey

    Love the plugin but i keep seeing html markup in the button and field text. Where can i edit this out? (I'm familiar with html/css) Also, i'm unable to display an icon - what are the dimensions for this? thx in advance for your help..
  5. Andrew Stein
    Thank you, Diana, for the 1.4.1 update! Truly love your feedburner plug-in.
    • Diana

      You're welcome!
  6. Chuck B.

    Diana, I was getting the “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” error and it was driving me crazy! Thank you to Andrew Stein and yourself for getting to the bottom of this problem. In the "Feed URL Name" field, I just entered my feed name (Travelnotesco) and nothing more (no Now it works! Cheers
    • Diana

      I did not expect all of you love full URLs :D
  7. Andrew Stein
    Diana, I sent to photoshopextreme..., please let me know you received it. email to me, is best. Andrew
  8. Andrew Stein
    Thank you!!! that was the problem. I am very glad you could help me. Things are back to normal now!
  9. Andrew Stein
    Hi Diana, Sorry I went to bed last night, and missed you. I uninstalled, re-installed, and reactivated your plug-in, you'll see it at the bottom of my primary sidebar at I have put your name in the title of your sidebar widget to differentiate it from the other plug-in at the top, that is working. Full disclosure: I have added the following CSS to tweak the display, which are the only changes I have made: /* CHANGE FEEDBURNER FONT WEIGHT IN subscription button */ .subscription_btn { font-weight: normal } /* ADJUST FEEDBURNER TEXT INPUT settings */ .subscription_email{/* e-mail field */ -webkit-box-shadow:inset 0; box-shadow:inset 0; font:normal 12px arial; padding:5px 3px; text-align:left; width:77% } Thank you very much for looking at this. I want you to know I appreciate it very much. And, am happy that you are there on the other end of this thread. So few plug-in developers are this responsive and helpful. I deeply appreciate your time. Thank you, Andrew
    • Diana

      I think you are entering the full URL, there is no need to :) You only have to inform the feed name i.e. "SteinVox", infact silly me, I will remove the http:// prefix by default on this field in the next release.
  10. Andrew Stein
    Hello Diana, Sorry to bring this up, and I'm frantic in trying to debug it on several fronts. With the last update, I can no longer register a new feedburner email feed. I'm given the message: "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" I've double checked that I do have it enabled in feedburner, and reverified the feed name in the plug-in. Please try it out on, and let me know if you are able to subscribe via email. The only change I have made since it last worked on 14 July (most recent email subscriber sign-up). Is to update this plugin. Is anyone else having this issue? Thank you in advance, Andrew
    • Diana

      Working fine here at home page. I didn't change anything else than CSS. If Google FeedBurner is saying so, I only can assume you have multiples rss itens in your account and forgot to enable the email subscriptions service on this specif feed address. Please refer to this post. Your feed is working ok, by the way.
      • Andrew Stein
        Hi Diane, I'm still having a tough time on this. I have gone over and over this, and everythign seems to be set correctly. What is coming out of the plug-in is not recognised by feedburner. In feedburner, the link to authorize my feed is: ...which does work, I tried it. and added an email address just fine to my feedburner feed. But in the widget settings, I have, and when it is passed through the widget, it brings up the error message that the feed is not activated (above). I think this is a new issue. Or, at least it is an issue that is not solved by the fix in the suggested post. It appears that Google is making some changes to feedburner..., that are out of synch.
      • Andrew Stein
        Another thing I just found is that the link coming out of the 1.4 version of the plug-in is: which is causing the error to display, when pressing the OK button. Should it not be passing the other link, below?
        • Diana

          Indeed, but there is no way to left the field empty, the plugin supplies a demonstrative address everytime, have you noticed the form in widget getting empty on save!? I tried input your feed username here and works ok. (Tryint your feed here at right)
      • Andrew Stein
        Hi Diana, One more data point, I just installed Another form plug-in, and it worked fine. I much prefer your form, and would like to use it - and give you some paypal compensation for it..., but it's pretty clear that it's not working for all cases. I hope I have shared somethings in the links that it is pushing out to help find the problem. cheers, andrew
        • Diana

          Strange thing, maybe a cache issue. Could you please activate my plugin (somewhere else in you site) so I can check the code on your site? As I said anyhting changed since then.
  11. Andrew Stein
    Diana, I truly find your feedburner plug-in to be the best. I have used it for nearly a year, and recently found that I had an older version, but missed an update. I have a feature request. One feature of another plugin which is critical for good style and design, is to have a value="placeholder" option, with logic to ensure that the placeholder is not being submitted to feedburner as an email address. Something like: input id="feedburner_email_widget_email" name="email" type="text" value="Your Email Address" onclick="javascript:if(this.value=='Your Email Address'){this.value= '';}" Only one other WordPress plugin for feedburner has a configurable placeholder text value, but it is not a desirable plugin for other reasons. In using your plug-in, I have adjusted the font size, weight, padding, height and width, using CSS, but can't figure out how to add a placeholder. I'd like the text input box to have gray text that says: "Entery your email address here..." Perhaps some font, size and weight options would be nice too. I'm very grateful that the user can change the button text to something other than "OK." One last thought, In looking at your plugin code, I see that the header comment still shows: Author URI:, which is no longer a valid website. Thank you so much for this plug-in. Please let me know if you might be able to add this feature for a placeholder. I would be glad to test it for you. Best wishes, Andrew
    • Diana

      Hi Andrew, I can add the placeholder but not sure if the styles are well accepted in different browsers. I'm quite busy lately :)
      • Andrew Stein
        Thank you ! Diana. I saw the update, and this is now the best feedburner subscribe form widget available - in my humble opinion, after trying so many. You have given the control to me that I need to keep it my design clean and consistent and yet give readers an exceptional user experience. If you like, have a look at, I have it configured and working now. Quick qustion for you: I tried to left justify the text, as your other text fields allow HTML..., but didn't work. Is there something I can do to override the centered text? CSS maybe? Thank you very much for responding so quickly. I'm going to the WP site to rank your plug-in 5 stars, now. feeback - done, 5 stars, done, favorite plugin, done, rated it as "working" with current WP version, done..., let me know what more I can do for you. BTW, does your smileys plugin work with Disqus? or only WP comments?
        • Diana

          If you want to full customize the form, cut and paste the whole plugin css into your style.css. The email filesd is: .subscription_email{/* e-mail field */ -webkit-box-shadow:inset 0; box-shadow:inset 0; font:normal 12px arial; padding:5px 3px; text-align:left; width:79% } The smileys plugins doesn't work in Disqus neither JetPack Comments. Please if you ever donate by PayPal do it for this email account: photoshopextreme(
  12. James LD Naylor
    Like other people I get the message that I haven't setup Email Subscription. So I ran the code below, which comes from Feedburner, that allows you register an email address. And it works fine, proving that I have setup Email Subscription. So the Feedburner Form plugin must be sending the wrong information. I'd love to use and recommend this plugin, but can't yet. Cheers, James
  13. Todd

    My reader counter does not show up. Any ideas
  14. Selin
    Hi, I guess the recent update you made has some problems. 1: The small RSS icon has disappeared. 2: The "Ok" button which sends the email to feedburner is not with design anymore, it is just a usual gray button now, before it was a cool orange and designed button. 3: The credits to your plugin and feedburner site can not be disabled even if i choose to not to publish them. Are you aware of these situations? Please keep us updated. Thanks
    • Diana K. C.

      Hello, I removed the button css style, most people prefer to design your own layout. About the credits, I will see this. Thanks for let me know.
      • Selin
        i liked the one with css, it totally fit to my site and it also attract more people. so, how can i get the version with css?
  15. Bob Standish
    I removed the widget until I can find out what I am doing wrong. I set up a Google Feedburner account and entered the url of the blog but I still get the same error. Obviously I am missing something. All help is appreciated.
    • Diana K. C.

      If you have a Gmail, that is quite easy, just go to FeedBurner site and get an account.
      • Bob Standish

        Still have an error "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" I did set up a Feedburner account and I did activate Email subscriptions. Check out the blog at the address above. The first subscribe widget is the FeedBurner form I downloaded here. The second is code provided by Google. Theirs works. Yours does not. Would really appreciate your help. Regards
        • Diana K. C.

          Log in to your Google FeedBurner account, click the item feed CompuchildBlog, then click Publicize. At left, choose the services such Subscription and Counter. Please refer tothis post.
  16. Bob Standish
    I keep getting this error message when a visitor tries to subscribe. What am I doing wrong? "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled"
    • Diana K. C.

      You must enable the subscription for your feed. Log in to your Google FeedBurner account, clicke the feed you want use and active the services.
      • Bob Standish
        Sorry. This is where I get really stupid. I did not see a mention of needing a Google Feedburner account. Is there any documentation on how to set this up? Sorry to be an idiot.
  17. Piet
    Nice plugin. I had to edit the CSS because the email-input-field is too long (wider than the widget area) and I wanted it to align the text to the left. If this could become custom-settings in a future release it would be even better ! Thanks,
  18. Ed

    Set up the widget, but the message I get when I try to sign up for the email notification is " the site is not set up to receive email notifications." How do I activate so it goes through.

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